Treating Dry Skin In Babies

Baby on bed yawning

How Do You Do Baby Skincare? 

You are expecting your first child and have taken all the extra care needed for a newborn. After a few days after your child’s birth, you have started to feel dryness on the skin of your young one. You go upset and consult a doctor, who suggests you take some corrective measures at home to remedy easily.

So you would be wondering what those small tasks and steps are can ease the pain of parents and the newborn. The article will help you in witnessing some easy and workable solutions:

Organize The Bath Time Of Your Child: 

This part is essential. You would love to give a bath to your child with hot water so it could keep him away from getting cold. But too hot water can take out the moisture from the body and make their skin dry. It is better to use lukewarm water for bathing purposes. Also, the bath time should be kept shorter, so the baby is not exposed to the water for a longer duration. The more the body is exposed to water, the more chances it will become red and eventually dry. While giving a bath, you would love to see your child playing with bath bubbles. But these bubbles, if they are from hard, synthetic shampoo or body wash, can also cause rashes on the baby’s body. After the bath, better use a soft and mild towel or cloth to wipe the body of your newborn. Since the child’s body is very sensitive, you need to take extra care to prevent the emergence of dryness on the body. In the end, you can also use moisturizing lotion or baby lotion to keep the skin dully hydrated after wash.

Hydration Is The Best Solution: 

  • Your principal for the newborn baby should be hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate. You have to make it a habit of applying thick moisturizer to the body of the baby. You can opt to apply the moisturizer either twice or thrice a day, so necessary hydration is provided to the body. You have to select the fragrance-free, hypoallergenic ointment of cream for the said purpose. These do not irritate the body of the newborn and also keep the dryness at bay.

Keep Necessary Fluid Intake: 

  • Apart from keeping the body hydrated from external means, you can also keep the internal hydration at the required level. Start by giving enough fluid to the baby in the form of mother feed or formula milk. You can start water after consulting the paediatrician. However, as long as they can’t take water, milk intake can compensate for the water deficiency.

Adjust The Temperature: 

  • This is yet another factor that should be taken care of. The temperature of the room or home where the baby resides should be kept optimum. The room should neither be too cold nor hot because it could impact the skin of the baby. The balanced temperature should be maintained for the baby. 


The above mentioned are some of the steps that every parent can take at home to keep the skin of the baby safe from threats of dryness. Prevention is better than a baby’s dry skin